He says doesn`t want kid....?

So I`ve been dating my boyfriend for about 7 years now (since highschool). at the begining I didnt think i wanted children but i was young and my boyfriend felt the same at the time to. and now I realise that later on id like some in the future (not anytime soon but in the future). And through the years I would mention it and have obvious yearning for a family.

The other day my boyfriend brough up the subject and mentioned that he didnt want children still and doesnt believe his opinion would change. This statement confused me for he would sometimes say things like ``If i was a dad i would do this`` or when i ask future parenting questions hed answer without hesitation. I`ve asked him why he doesnt want any and he simply said ``I have multiple reasons`` and wouldnt elaborate.

We decided to leave the conversation for another time.I dont want to bring up until the curent school semester is done. But through this little information would you believe he trully means it or he`s still confuse/young to trully know?

Thank you

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    YOu've been with this guy for 7 years and you still can't talk about having children or why he doesn't want them? That makes no sense. For being with someone for 7 years, you can't communicate about one of the most important decisions in a committed, long term relationship or marriage. Perhaps this relationship is not as strong as you think.

    YOu have to talk about this. Since you want children and he doesn't, this relationship obviously will not work. He won't change and you can't make him. I would suggest talking this out and then making a decision about your future. If you want children, then you need to let him go and move on to a better relationship with someone who has the same goals and wants as you do.

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