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What is life like as a KPOP idol?

So I've been a huge fan of KPOP for a while now and I'm just wondering what's it really like for these KPOP idols?

Like I understand that they go through a lot of hard work, but do they really have a happy life and enjoy what they do?

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    To be honest it is really hard to say if they really enjoy themselves as much as it seems they are on camera or in front of fans. Honestly being a Kpop idol sounds awful in my opinion. Go check out a documentary called in depth look at Saesang life also look at eatyourkimchi video called

    "Dongho quit Kpop and why we would to" and "TL;DR Kpop Slave

    Contracts" I think those video give an in depth on how much a Kpop idol goes through everyday of their career.

    Not to mention how many idols have gone through and still have

    depression Super Junior s Heechul, Leeteuk, SNSD Taeyeon, 2am Jo Kwon, Big Bang GD, Miss A Suzy, etc etc.

    Also tragically Ahn Sojin who was a participant in the Kara Project to find the next Kara member ended up committing suicide after DSP ended it s contract with her she had been a trainee for 5 years. So yeah honestly a Kpop idol life sounds like it kind of sucks. I am sure there are some good times and all that but honestly there are so many cons in my eyes way more cons then pros.

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    Their methods are quite different from our celebrities and the way that they do auditions. It's not all sugar coated as we make it out to be. There are a few documentaries you can watch online just to see what I mean as I may not be able to explain it as well. Kpop stars have to undergo years of strict training before being presented to the public. Most interviews that I've read and watched they say they're happy but sometimes that can be questionable.

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    Their loves aren't too different than any other celebrity but what you see in public is all deliberately created. Its like girlschool where they each have a character to represent sort of? This is the cute one, this is the sophisticated one, you never escape that as a kpop star

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