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Help Please! My shoulders each have a bone sticking out on top really visible!! It s like half out! I m skinny at 106lbs and 161 cm. Im 13.?

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    It's your acromial end of clavicle where it joins your acromion. It's quite normal all models tend to have protruding bones around the shoulder. As you grow a little older and you begin to fill out your flats spots will round and you will be just perfect. Thank God you have such a beautiful skeletal form clothes will fit you perfectly

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    I'm sure you look perfect but if you want to hide your shoulders you could wear a chunky sweater, infinity scarf, a blazer or a jean jacket.

  • emily
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    5 years ago

    All my thin ex boyfriends had this too. It is due to having little fat and muscle mass. Your skin lays tightly over your bones and makes them seem abnormal, when in reality we all look that way underneath.

  • 5 years ago

    That's normal for idividual who posses little muscle mass

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