What size to get in Hollister jeans? Please help!?

So I want to buy a pair of Hollister jeans but I really have no idea what size to get because every review I have read about the sizing is different. I have to get them online because there is no Hollister store near me (otherwise I would definitely go try them on in store first). I am torn between getting a 5 or a 7, because in Garage jeans a 5 fits me perfectly and in American Eagle a 6 fits me perfectly. I want them to fit tight but i don't want them to be uncomfortable around my waist. What size should I get?? Please help!!

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  • 5 years ago
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    Hollister Jeans run really small! I normally wear like a 0 or 1 and someone gave me size 5 Hollister Jeans and they are smaller than size 2 American Eagle Jeans. I'd go with 7

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