What does "Experience Level Mid Level Req ID 150264" mean in job listing?

In job listings I see things like "Experience Level Mid Level Req ID 150264". Where would I find a listing of Req ID's and what they mean? Web searching various terms just lists jobs with experience levels, not definitions of Req ID.

I have been at the same company for just over 40 years and was recently thrown back into the job market due to consolidation.


I was thinking that Req meant "required" since it directly followed the Experience Level, but it makes sense if that is a "requisition" number (reference) of the company doing the hiring. So I do not really need to pay attention to that while looking for a job.

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  • 5 years ago
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    A "Req ID number" is likely an internal tracking system for your company. It doesn't mean anything to anyone except the HR/Payroll/Budget people who use that requisition number to track the status, pay and budget detail of any particular job.

  • Judy
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    5 years ago

    You won't. It's internal to the company. Might just mean "requisition #" in which case it's must a number assigned to that job opening. good luck.

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