I'm going into grade 8 and need help?

I'm going into grade 8 very soon and was wondering what you think I need for clotheing makeup and that kinda thing👌🏻😊 I'm a tomboy but wanna start wearing skirts maybe dress please say how many u think I need to


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    5 years ago
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    yay!! I love these questions :)) So.. let's start! btw I'm qualified bc I'm currently in eighth grade!

    Wardrobe essentials!!

    - Camisoles in each color

    - about five pairs of jeans in different washes

    - v necks in all colors

    - three cardigans

    - three fancier shirts

    - six to ten casual regular shirts

    - five or six sweaters

    - three to five skirts

    - three casual dresses

    - one pair of converse (I recommend the black and white low top bc they go with everything)

    - one pair of nike or athletic shoes

    - one pair of flats or sandals

    - one pair of boots

    - three pairs of shorts.

    Popular stores include

    - Pacsun

    - VS PINK

    - Forever 21

    -H & M (love this store so much bc I got a cardigan for $5)

    - Macy's


    - TJ Maxx

    - Ross

    - Kohls

    - Wet Seal

    - Aeropostale

    - Abercrombie

    - Hollister

    You'll be fine! Eighth grade isn't that bad. I'm in all AP classes and I have about 2 hours of hw daily. Maybe 30 minutes or none on weekends.

  • 5 years ago

    im in grade 8 right now, and all i wear for makeup is mascara, concealer, and some lip gloss. not alot of girls at my school wear super heavy makeup, so dont worry about that. I hate skirts and dresses:) so i usually wear leggings.but if its your hearts desire, i would buy maybe 3-4 skirts, and 2 dresses. If yuore going to wear them every day, then maybe buy more.

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    5 years ago

    Wearing skirts or dresses to school will make people think your mother made you wear it. Only wear that kind of stuff on special occasions.

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