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Can someone tell me about the conflict between Palestine and Israel?

I know they hate each other. But can someone tell me why? I am not really familiar with the conflict. Please don't be biased

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    At the end of WW2, Palestine, which was NOT a Jewish homeland at the time, was designated as such by many other outside countries. Arabs see it as land grabbing. Israel has been a country since the 1940's, so the Jewish people that live there have a history of their own by now.

    The difficulties are multiplied by the fact that Jerusalem is considered a holy city by both religions.

    There were five wars of varying sizes between the 40's and 1973. Israel, with mostly American weaponry, absolutely whipped their butts in all five. Israel only lost once, much more recently when they invaded southern Lebanon to go after Hezbollah and had to give up the fruitless conflict.

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    It's just a land dispute. The Palestine occupied most of the land that Israel claims now.

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    Seriously? You refuse to use the entire Internet, but ask HERE?


    We can't instantly cure your ignorance of most history since WWII.

    After the war, more Jews flooded into the area, fought a war of terrorism, and finally got part of that area as the country of Israel. The rest was SUPPOSED to be a Palestinian country, but Israel blocked that, and started murdering and pushing Palestinians off their land and out of their homes.

    They have since increasingly oppressed and slaughtered, and take more land from the Palestinians.

    You could easily read much more detail on this. The website Informed Comment would have a lot on this, as well as gazillions of other sites.

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    In the 1940's They stole land from Palestine and they wanted their land back which caused war between them as the Palestinian's are defending themselves.

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    Religious philosophy.

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    Israel is killing them that's what.

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