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Did theCIA sabotage Gary Powers aircraft so he would be shot down so that a planned summit between Eisenhower & Khrushchev would be canceled?

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    I've never heard this comnspiracy theory before, but no. If the US wanted to cancel a summit then they would just cancel it. The U2 shootdown was a huge embarrassment for the US and the Eisenhower administration. Eisenhower and his people had publicly denied claims that the plane was a spy plane conducting espionage over Russia. They instead said that it had been a NASA aircraft conducting scientific studies and that it had probably crashed as the result of mechanical failure. When the Soviets came forward with not only a largely intact plane but the live pilot, Francis Gary Powers, the administration had to admit that they were conducting espionage. The Russian capture of the plane revealed important information about US espionage technology. And in order to get Powers back, the US had to exchange a KGB spy who they had caught operating in the US under the name "Rudolf Abel". Furthermore, the scheduled summit was not canceled. Eisenhower, Khrushchev, as well as others, all attended. But the bad blood over the U2 incident helped make the summit unproductive.

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