The Christ Myth Theory. Do people know that most Historians view it as Pseodo-History?

The Christ Myth theory developed in the 19th century arguing that Jesus wasn't a real historical figure. Since then what is known as the "quests" for the Historical Jesus has taken place among scholarship using the Historical Critical Method. As result of the 3 major "quests" for the historical Jesus, the consensus position among most Historians(theists and atheists alike) is that Jesus existed.

The Christ Myth theory is viewed by Historians the way young earth creationism is viewed by scientists. It's not taken credible and it's seen as no different from conspiracy theories that think the moon landing is fake, or that the Holocaust didn't take place.

Bart Ehrman, Agnostic historian and one of the leading intellectuals in the "quests" for the historical Jesus who has been critical of historic Christianity(publishing books like misquoting Jesus and Jesus Interrupted) has stated that mythicists are no different from creationists and conspiracy theorists.


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Update: you have the Gospel Narratives. You have the New Testament Epistles. You have testimonies of figures like Tacitus and Josephus and Mara Bar Serapion. The earliest mention we have of Jesus in written records is 20-30 years after his death with Mark's Gospel.

Compare that to Alexander the Great where the earliest mention we have of him is 200 years latter with Diodorus the historian.

Update 2:

@Bigalloot. I can find multiple. Bart Ehrman, N.T Wright, Marcus Borg, John Dominic Crossan, Amy Jill Levine, Albert Schweitzer, Ernst Kasemann......the list can keep growing.

Update 3: he did. That's also a consensus position among historians. Stop quoting atheist apologetics websites to get your information. The mentioned of Jesus in the Antiquities of the Jews were not interpolations. They have done textual criticism and source criticism and from both it is certain that Jesus is mentioned by Josephus.

Update 4:

The earliest record we have of Jesus comes 30 years after his death with the Gospel of Mark. The Earliest written record we have of a figure like Alexander the Great comes 200 years after his death with Diodorus

Update 5:

Plus you have the fact that 1 Corinthians 15 St Paul's words are a creed that he recited that was passed down to him. Textual and Source criticism trace that creed all the way to 3 years after Jesus's death. So 3 years after his death and we already have evidence of him through this creed the Early Christians recited about his death

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    It doesn't matter if he existed or not. The fact is that it can't be historically demonstrated that he was divine.

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    Despite the cumbersome nature of the question, most views expressed here display surprising ignorance almost to the point of superstition. Anyone with even a passing knowledge of classical or biblical studies knows that the Christ Myth theory has never convinced the majority of historians and that it is overwhelmingly rejected my modern scholars. The few that support it today represent a tiny minority.

    It should be noted, however, that asserting the historical existence of Jesus is not the same as agreeing that all of the stories found in the gospels are historically reliable. Again, most scholars know that they are highly unreliable. However, there are a number of core historical facts along with a textual cloud of likely or possible facts that we can glean from close study of the gospels using modern critical tools.

    As an introduction to this topic, I recommend the two Wikipedia articles listed below.

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    The Christ Myth Theory is pseudo? Then provide some evidence for Jesus. Any at all.

    " you have the Gospel Narratives. You have the New Testament Epistles. You have testimonies of figures like Tacitus and Josephus and Mara Bar Serapion"

    Gospels: written 80-100 years after "Jesus"

    Epistles: Paul NEVER mentions Mary, Joseph, Nazareth, or anything Jesus did on earth really.

    Tacitus and Josephus and Mara Bar Serapion - sorry, failure again. Josphus never mentioned Jesus, and all are interpolations, and in any case A HUNDRED YEARS TOO LATE

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    How very christian, if you can find one out of a hundred that support you, it is proof you are right and the other 99 don't matter.

    There is proof and then there are opinions. Opinions are cheap, proof is gold.

    EDIT: The issue I have is with the word "most." That is a lie. Most means more than half. not 7 out of thousands.

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    "Do people know that most Historians view it as Pseodo-History?" Only if you just quote Christian 'Historians'.

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    Do you have a single document, a single word about him that is from the period?

    As for your list of "experts"

    Amy Levine - Teaches at a Protestant "university"....Albert Schweitzer - Lutheran (and dead)......N.T Wright -Anglican Bishop, Retired......John Dominic Crossan - Former Catholic priest.....Marcus Borg - Evangelical Christian, and dead, Ernst Kasemann - Lutheran, and dead.

    Hardly the most unbiased group.

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    No historical records, none at all.

    That is all anyone needs to know, they kept very good records especially of deaths and births.

    No mention of either in all of history, only in religious writings.

    Jesus is a copy of a copy of a copy, we all know that if we read the information available.

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    get real and believe whatever you desire to, my God is real and so is His Son.

    all the hogwash in the world you could write here or spout their could not change my mind, and if I go by what so called historians say, I would be able to believe nothing they say but the story of the inquisition, If you have not experienced God for yourself, it is your fault, not mine, but you cant feed me crap and tell me it is cheerios, sorry, you lose, game over.

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