What are some nature jobs that include travel?

What are some jobs that I could do that involve working with nature and animals and wildlife, and also be able to travel the world/work from home. Thank you! I am just looking for all different kinds of career ideas, haha!

Much appreciated.


Rob, what i meant was possible career choices that I could go to school for and then pursue. That is pretty negative of you..

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  • 5 years ago
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    Some great questions... although the nature of your question is a bit contradictory. You won't be working with animals and nature if you are working from home... it'll involve more web/phone jobs.

    a few I can think of;

    1. Park ranger (limited travel, lots of wildlife and animals, obviously not working from home)

    2. Telecommunications. There are many telecommunications jobs that you can do from home/while traveling. Albeit not much animal/wildlife exposure from the job itself.

    3. Environmental engineer. Lots of opportunity there (lots of wildlife/animal exposure, won't work from home and most likely will be able to travel).

    4. Some kind of freelance work could allow you to travel a lot and see the world. Stuff like writing books/blogs, editing other people's blogs/websites, advertising, etc.

    Good luck :) good questions to be asking! No matter the age

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  • 4 years ago

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  • Rob
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    5 years ago

    keep dreaming

    go spend next decade in libraries and colleges learning

    ask local adults about careers jobs available local.

    poverty sucks

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  • 4 years ago

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