Why can't Muslims agree on whether FGM is "Islamic" or not? Why do some say it is "cultural" and others swear it is mandatory?

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  • 5 years ago
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    FGM is not Islamic at all. To mutilate female genitalia is not part of Islam make no mistake about that, least of all "mandatory".

    Islam clearly states how a husband has to satisfy his wife, how is this satisfaction to be achieved if her clitoris has been hacked off?

    In this very modern society we all live in non muslim women all the time have their labia trimmed for aesthetic purposes. In Islam these is permission to trim for aesthetic reasons if desired. This does not equal mutilation, done by force, cutting of the clitoral area, to children etc etc as is done in regards to FGM.

    Some people of certain cultures do perform FGM on children and young women and some in those cultures are Muslims who incorrectly and through lack of knowledge perform such acts. This does not mean Islam asks nor permits it just because some in these cultures are Muslims.

    Hope that explains it for you.

  • 5 years ago

    It is not limited to Moslems, any more than male circumcision is limited to Moslems.

    There are good reasons to circumcise your children of both sexes:

    The principal responsibility of parenthood is to act at all times in the child’s best interests. Amongst many other things, that creates an obligation to take medical decisions that the child, by virtue of age, cannot comprehend.

    Some benefits of circumcision are lost if elective circumcision is deferred until adulthood. These are:

    Greater expense in consequence of the greater complexity of the procedure post-puberty.

    Requirement for initiative and determination to arrange a circumcision

    Slower to heal.

    Implications of time off work or school.

    Probability of a less satisfactory cosmetic outcome.

    No benefit in terms of protection against infant urinary tract infections and the attendant risk of kidney damage.

    No benefit in terms of protection against cancer of the uterus later in life.

    Risk of greater exposure to sexually transmitted diseases if onset of sexual activity precedes circumcision.

  • 5 years ago

    Female genital mutilation is a tribal custom which appears to have its roots on the African continent. It has nothing to do with Islam, although some countries continue the practice even after adopting Islam.

  • 5 years ago

    Uh....there are over 1 BILLION Muslims in the world in probably 100 countries on earth. Plus there are sects just like in christianity.

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  • Mintee
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    5 years ago

    Gods rules trump everything else in Islam.. and you will not find Female circumcision anywhere in the quran.. women dont need this procedure.. So it is cultural.. Many people in the east, regardless of faith practice this.. Its more common in Africa.. in christian africa than anywhere else on earth..

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