Was this a date?

So one of my guy friends asked me out (like to be his girlfriend) last september but I had just gotten out of a relationship and just moved country so it was a bit overwhelming and it would have been too much to handle at the time. So I told him well, exactly that. And in April last year he asked me if I was free to go to the gallery and I hadn't been to the gallery before and I paid for my ticket and he paid for his and he had to pay a little bit of mine because I didnt have enough. (but anyway,it was fun and I like galleries now) later we had MacDonalds and I had already eaten something before leaving and I was so full so only he had something but while ordering he turned to me and asked me if I wanted anything and he was like sure?? and I said yeah Im not that hungry. but we were talking up stairs (of McD) and it was a bit awkward. I'm just curious was this a date, my friends seem to think it was...but I dont know

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    4 years ago
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    I honestly don't think so. If it were a date then I think he should have asked you if you would like to go out to dinner or lunch. I think this was just hanging out but not an official date. I think McDonalds is fine but I think for a first official date it should be somewhere nicer. Also, when you said he asked you if you wanted anything before ordering, I don't think a real date should be like that. I think thats just hanging out, which isn't a bad thing. Its cool that you have a friend who you can hangout with. Lastly, I think he would have asked you to be his girlfriend if it was a real date.

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