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Can bulletproof coffee be used to hold me over until I have time to eat breakfast?

I ve been hearing about how awesome this coffee is, so I recently tried it and really enjoyed the taste. My problem is that I don t want to substitute it for breakfast. I don t mind doing it occasionally, but I don t want to consistently lose out on important nutrients I get through eating a legitimate breakfast. Could I use it to hold me over until I have time to eat? I m in college and hate getting up super early for my 8 am classes, so usually I just eat breakfast during my break from 9:40-10:30, but I know I need to have something in my system to keep me alert for that class. Also, are there any foods that I m supposed to avoid when I ve drank that? I was researching and saw some stuff about completely cutting out sugar, and that is certainly not happening. I wasn t sure if that was just part of the diet it s normally used for or not, and one person said that if you ingested sugar with it that it would make you fat. I m kind of confused, so if somebody has been on that diet or knows about it could clear that up for me, I d greatly appreciate it! I don t want to gain weight, but it really did give me a good energy burst!

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    5 years ago

    I love that stuff and it really speeds up your metabolism. Plus it's delicious and satisfying. You'll be fine for hours. But it's really for a low carb/sugar free way of eating. If you combine this with sugar or muffins (example) you will gain weight if you are eating it additionally to a breakfast. If you cut out the 10 am breakfast then it's just a regular 450 calorie meal. If you are looking t gain a little this will work for you.

    Source(s): Atkins 2 years
  • 5 years ago

    It's never been a food substitute. It's only coffee.

    Source(s): Been drinking it LONG before the whole "Bulletproof" nonsense
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