How could Argentina get into the Gulf of Mexico?

I had an older male colleague in a male dominated department laugh at me when I told him Argentina was not in the Gulf of Mexico. He proceeded to tell me the size of the Gulf of Mexico and that I didn't know the Gulf of Mexico. I finally walked away. Does anyone know how Argentina could end up in the Gulf of Mexico?


Ty! The conversation was on the origins of a shrimp found off the coast of Argentina, aptly named for sale "Argentinian Pink Shrimp." When I showed they were not from Mexico, Argentina ended up in the Gulf of Mexico and I was completely wrong. Happens a lot. I'm going to have to go check up on the whole no kangaroos in Austria though...

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    I have to agree with the walk away part. Argentina faces the South Atlantic. (That area of the South Atlantic is also called the Argentine Sea on Google Earth and Argentina has a couple of Gulfs, that they call Golfos, but neither has Mexico in its name!) The Gulf of Mexico is some 7,000 miles away. The Gulf of Mexico is actually part of the Caribbean Sea, which is the area between the Americas and the Caribbean Island chain. East of the island chains is officially the Atlantic Ocean. The Gulf doesn't even border South America. It extends in a roughly circular pattern between the west side of Florida, to Texas and south along the east coast of Mexico to where it turns east in a line from Yucatan, Mexico to the northern edge of Cuba. Next time he gets mouthy suggest that he use his "other" brain since the testosterone powered one isn't working so well. (and yes, I am very male!)

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    Your friend is mistaken, but I wonder if he was talking figuratively, not literally in the sense that Argentina may be in the Gulf of Mexico serving its own interests like for oil drilling. Geographically the Gulf is defined by the US, Mexico and Cuba.

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    Your friend does not know how to read a Map and I bet He failed Geography in school.

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    It isn't, and Australia isn't in Europe, and there are no kangaroos in Austria, except in zoos.

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  • 4 years ago

    You had it right at "walked away".

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