Jesus insisted on washing the feet of his disciples, even though they weren't dirty! - Expression of subservient humility or foot fetish?

Apparently Jesus also took of his outer layer of clothes and wrapped himself in a towel which he used to wipe their feet too! Bear that in mind.

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    In Reformed Christianity, ritual purity is achieved though the Confession of Sins, and Assurance of Forgiveness, and Sanctification. Through the power of the Holy Spirit, believers offer their whole being and labor as a 'living sacrifice'; and cleanliness becomes a way of life (See Romans 12:1, and John 13:5-10 (the Washing of the Feet)).

    In Islam, the obligatory activities of the lesser form include beginning with the intention to purify oneself, washing of the face, arms, head, and feet.

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    Maundy (from Latin mandatum or mendicare),[1] or Washing of the Feet, is a religious rite observed by several Christian denominations. John 13:1–17 mentions Jesus performing this act. Specifically, in verses 13:14–17,

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    It's symbolic. Showing Jesus had humility and was caring. Priests do the same these days.

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    Water in Religion ...wash the hands and arms up to the elbows and the feet up to the ankles.

    The Significance of Foot Washing

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    That's why they call Jesus sweet & precious.

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    How dare you insist on foot fetishism!!! Jesus did that out of humility and it was SYMBOLIC

  • subservient humility

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