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David asked in Family & RelationshipsFamily · 5 years ago

Is an adult child entitled to visit their disabled father without their stepmother present.?

A friend does not get on with her step mother, her father has diabetes and gas now developed epilepsy. She would like to visit her father without stepmother there.

Stepmother claims that this would be dangerous as the stress of meeting his daughter could trigger a seizure.

My friend is not able to contact her father as the stepmother controls all his contacts and communication.

I am at a loss as to what to advise.

2 Answers

  • 5 years ago

    In her shoes, I'd be knocking at my Dad's door any and every time I wanted to. Whether the stepmom was home or not!

    The adult child can not FORCE the stepmother out of her home! So the adult child has to be enough of an adult to deal with the reality as it stands. Just go over there anyway.

  • 5 years ago

    you could try talking to someone in adult protective services and see if they can legally do something about it,

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