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parent wont let me diet?

5f 160 pounds I'm fat I know but my parent wont let me diet I try telling her I want to eat more healthy but she wont!!!! she make the food so greasy its disgusting and she never buy fruits or veggies only junk food help me I don't know what to do btw I'm too young to leave the house and go grocery shopping I'm only 13

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    brah that sucks :/ ik how you feel as my mum's all worried i'm gonna become 'anorexic' or something. mmm i'd just go on strike. just don't eat it until your mum gets you food YOU want to eat. and try and do some exercise. but make it fun so that it isn't unbearable to the point that you can't bear the thought of doing it. like go on a walk with friend's or something or sign up to the gym with them.

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    Contact you guidance counselor at school. Or the school nurse.

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