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French help?

I have a french exam coming up and I've answered these example questions, I would be so grateful if someone could look over them briefly and point out any errors. Thank you! (Ps. The maximum for my answers are two sentences that's why they're so short.)

Describe your family: Ma famille est foulle, mais je les aimes. Ils me font sourire.

Is french important: Le Français est très importante parceque il peut aider t'obtenir un emploi. Quand tu travailles, tu peux parler avec des gens.

What courses do you have next semester: Le semestre prochain j'aurai les cours; l'anglais, la biologie , et l'anthropologie. J'aurai un cours en ligne aussi.

What would you do differently this year: Je voudrais écrire des meilleurs notes, donc je serais prêt pour les examens.

Who's your favourite character in the play 'zone': Mon personnage préféré dans la pièce Zone est Moineau. Il est très drôle et innocent.

What did you like in french this semester: J'aimais le carnaval ce semestre. Il était bon de voir des enfants heureux.

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    • Describe your family:

    Did you mean "Ma famille est folle" (My family is crazy) ? "Foulle" doesn't exist and "foule" means "crowd".

    Also, you should say "je l'aime" (I love it) because "ma famille" is singular.

    You can say "Ils me font sourire" after because you're not necessarily directly talking about "ma famille" but you can imply "les membres de ma famille".

    • Is french important:

    Language names are not capitalised in French so it's "le français". You only capitalise it when it's a noun meaning "Frenchman" or "Frenchwoman". Language names are also masculine so it's "important" and not "importante".

    "parce que" is in two words and the "que" elides before a word starting with a vowel so it's "parce qu'il".

    "Parce qu'il peut aider à obtenir" (because it can help to obtain) or "parce qu'il peut t'aider à obtenir" (because it can help you to obtain).

    The rest is correct.

    • What courses do you have next semester:

    "j'aurai (des) cours d'anglais, de biologie et d'anthopologie" or "j'aurai anglais, biologie et anthropologie"

    "aussi" should be placed right after the verb.

    • What would you do differently this year:

    "Meilleurs" has to be "meilleures" because it refers to "notes" which is feminine.

    While it's not gramatically uncorrect, "écrire des notes" (to write notes) is not the correct thing to say. It should be "prendre des notes" (to take notes).

    Also, since you're talking about somethign hypothetical in the past, it would be better with the past tense of the conditional mood.

    It should be "J'aurais voulu" (I would have liked) instead of "Je voudrais" (I would like).

    "donc je serais prêt" is not correct, you can say "pour être prêt" or "afin d'être prêt" (prête in the feminine)

    • Who's your favourite character in the play 'zone':

    That's completely correct if "Moineau" is the name of the character. If it's just a description of what the character is, it's "le moineau"

    • What did you like in French this semester:

    "J'ai aimé" (I liked) instead of "j'aimais" (I was liking)

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    c'es la vie!

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