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Assisted suicide?

If a friend or relative with a terminal medical condition asked you to help them commit suicide would you help them?

Would you be able to ensure a painless death?

If assisted suicide is illegal in your country would you be able to help someone die in a way that left no evidence?


Would you be prepared to break the law and possibly be charged with murder to help someone die?

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  • Jan
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    5 years ago
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    assisted suicide is still murder in all countries. there are some countries that allow euthanasia but it has to be a doctor who does the deed.

    if you really want to help a person not suffer anymore, you'll have to travel to one of those countries. You can find a list of countries that support euthanasia if you google a bit, it doesn't take much effort.

    countries that do support euthanasia do have certain procedures and not everybody can get into a program. you have to go through some physical and psychological testing and if the person cannot decide for himself anymore (dementia? brain damage?...), it's nearly impossible to get it done anywhere.

  • Maxi
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    5 years ago


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