How do you include the reader in a fan fiction?

So, suddenly I've spiked an interest in writing fan fiction, but I'm not clear on everything about fan fiction writing styles. I'm wondering how a writer would go about writing from the reader's point of view. Like, when other characters are "interacting" with the reader, can you just make up a name for the reader or do you put something like *your name here*?

Also, is there anything else I should know before I begin writing fan fiction?



Also, about inserting a readers name, would it work the same for physical characteristics? Like, could you make up the reader's appearance or do you have to but something like *your eye colour here*?

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    I think I know what you mean...but can't be sure.

    You want to write an FF where the reader is in the story of the movie of show you write about. Am I right? like an OC character, there is the reader. Get what I mean?

    Most people then do this.

    FFC (fanfiction Character Name)

    Y/N) Your name

    FFC comes into to the room and smirked, "hi Y/N, you look lovely."

    FC is where you out the character of the movie/tv show, like Sam or Dean from Supernatural.

    Y/N is the reader's name and you don't change that.

    So let me try again:

    Dean walked into the room and smirked, "hi Y/N, you look lovely."

    That is how most FFs writers write. They don't mention the readers name since they don't know it. So they use Y/N, instead.

    You can read many of this fanfiction on Just search the FF character's name and then the reader.


    Dean Winchester/ the search bar and many FFs will come up, believe me. is also a good site to read FFs.

    About reader's appearance, don't mention that. Not hair or eye color, since you don't know it. You can mention that the reader push her hair back over her shoulder.


    Y/N pushed her hair over her shoulder with a playful grin.

    Get what I mean? don't mention all this "Y/N eye color there" that would be too strange and weird to read. Just stick to not mention any color of the eyes or hair.

    I hope you understand what I mean. Just stick to Y/N as the readers name, that is how most if not all FF writers do.

    UPDATE: Also when I think about it, you can take the gender you choose for your FF. If it's a girl, then do like this.

    Dean walked in and saw her sitting on the couch, he smirked, "hello Y/N."

    Get what I mean? :-)

    Good luck and writing.

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    Have you ever read Goosebumps Choose your own adventure books? In those books the reader is the main character. Sometimes the main character is given a name. Other times: "You hear your name from the other room." is a way to avoid it.

    Descriptions of appearance is not needed. The reader knows what they look like. Have something like: "He stared into my eyes. Strange. I was sure his profile said that he hated my eye colour." etc.

    No specifics needed

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