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Online school?

I wanna make this a quick question so school is really stressing me out and people have been stressing me out and all that **** and I was thinking about online school so should i join an online school? would it bring me into a good future? Is it better?

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  • lily
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    5 years ago
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    noooooo online school is not a good idea bc there no one explaing you the lesson face to face so if you dont understand something, than you are kinda in troulbe... and you need those concepts to do well on other lessons... unless you want to get a tutor but i dont see a point of doing that when you can jsut go to school for free and get better education

    oline schools are for people who failed their class or for people who are in neeeed to take extra courses so they can take AP classes in the future, or more acedemically beneficial classes.

    but i wouldnt recommand it bc my friend did really well in school with a 4.5+ gpa and a 2100 SAT score but she got a D and a F from doing online school and ruined her GPA and didnt get accepted to a college and ended up going to a community college and transfer.. which is alot of work..

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    Online school is not a good idea, it is more stressful and you would slack off more often, as I did and other people I know.

  • Dan
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    5 years ago

    No, that won't be better.

    Do what it takes to deal with school. If you need a tutor to help you with study skills or a therapist to help you with stress, get one.

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