I want to design buildings (houses, Condominium...etc) what do i take?

So i want to be an architect but im really confused when it comes down to what courses to take in university. There are bachelors of architecture and then master of architecture. What are the difference between the two? and then how would i l know which architecture firm i should work for so i can design condo's/houses?


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    So first theres 2 main education paths to becoming a licensed architect. You can either get a B.arch (5 year program, not many universities that have an accredited program) or get a bachelors in w/e then do an M.arch. You need one of those 2 degrees to get licensed (or a ton of experience but thats a nearly impossible route unless your daddy is an architect). Any other degree than a B.arch or M.arch will make it much more difficult.

    Whats the difference? Ones a bachelors degree and the other is a masters degree. Thats it. Some people feel that the m.arch route makes them a better candidate for a job but I think most architecture firms understand theres only 2 degrees to take to get there and don't really place much value one way or the other. FWIW the b.arch is 5 years so typically 1 year shorter than the M.arch route.

    In terms of what firms to try and get a job at? Depends on where you live! But you're have to realize you're several (many) years away from designing a building. Maybe after a few years if you're good they might let you have some say or ask your opinion, but the design is something usually taken care of by the principal or some head/lead designer at the firm.

    Lots of architecture firms do work that isn't building something from scratch; renovations, additions, etc. That can actually be a big bulk of the work even at a firm that also designs homes and buildings.

    And lastly, sometimes the job market isn't good and beggers can't be choosers. You may not even get a chance to worry about which firm you work at; you might just have to take what you can get and worry about finding a company thats more to your liking after you get some experience or your license. It can be a very competitive and tough job market, so just be aware of that and don't get discouraged if your first architecture job has more to do with HVAC and ADA codification than epic homes and buildings.

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    Thanks man! helped alot!

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