I m planning on going into the PharmD program at U of T, how should I apply for uni?

The Doctor of Pharmacy program at University of Toronto requires at least 1 (or is it 2?) years of undergrad before applying.

I was wondering, if I were to apply for U of T for undergrad, what program would I go into?

I m still not quite sure how all this works. Would I still be able to go if I went to another university before applying to the PharmD program?

If so, should I go to another university first? Would it be harder to achieve a higher mark at U of T?



Also, how would I apply for the program? Would I just completely DROP my major and leave my university?

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    From the University of Toronto website regarding PharmD admissions:


    "4. When can I apply to the PharmD program?

    As admission to the PharmD program requires the completion of several first- and second-year university courses, most applicants will not become eligible to apply until their second year of university study. Students who have already completed all required courses, or who expect to complete all required courses by April 2016, would be eligible to apply for September 2016 admission to the PharmD program.

    The online application process opens in mid-September 2015, and closes at 11:59 p.m. (EST) on January 8, 2016. The application fee for applicants who apply on or before December 1, 2015 is $250.00. Applications that are received after December 1, 2015 will be charged a $300.00 application fee."

    ----END quote

    If you look at their FAQ, you can go to any other undergraduate institution to complete your requirements before you apply. You do not have to attend University of Toronto, and their FAQ says they do not favor University of Toronto students over anyone else.

    You would major in whatever would allow you to take the required subjects. As to whether you can achieve a higher grade at the University of Toronto vs another university, this depends on which other university you are talking about.

  • Stoo
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    4 years ago

    *at least* being the core bit, think of getting a full undergraduate degree given most people applying will have at least that.

    • trinity li4 years agoReport

      "All applicants who meet admission requirements will be placed in the same applicant pool. Those who have completed one or more degrees will have no advantages over someone who has completed the minimum requirements for admission"

      Apparently it gives no advantage.

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