Engineering and Geography?

Can anyone please tell me how engineering relates to geography? Thanks!

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  • 4 years ago
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    The engineering fields that are most closely related to geography are civil and environmental engineering. These fields involve water resources, coastal engineering, traffic engineering, pollution control, dams, bridges, tunnels, and erosion. Petroleum engineering obviously involves geology, and the exploration aspect of it can be practiced only in geographic areas where petroleum resources are available. Similar issues of available natural resources could come into chemical engineering, and nuclear engineering is affected by geographic factors that constrain the choice of nuclear power plant locations. Some specialized aspects of electrical engineering are connected with geography: where can power generation reasonably be based on sunshine, wind, tide, or hydroelectric sources?

    Other aspects of electrical engineering are clearly NOT connected with geography. And it's a stretch to connect mechanical, computer, or biomedical engineering with geography.

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  • Edward
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    4 years ago


    He won an award for the fjords of Norway.

    Source(s): Yhe Hitchhiker's Guide To The Galaxy.
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