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Does stock premarket day limit order for premarket carry over into open market if not filled premarket?

If I enter a day stock limit order specifically for premarket, does that normally carry over into the open market if it does not fill premarket, or is automatically canceled when the normal markets open?

I have not done much premarket and after market trading, but once before I got a nice pop on the same stock when I bought it one day, it went into a short squeeze, and sold it premarket the next day for more than it was in the open market all day.


The answers did not really confirm, "does what", cancels after premarket or continues into the open market? In my case at Fidelity a premarket order auto canceled at the end of premarket. So I answered my own question. I could have made more if I sold premarket or at the open, but I held onto it, and despite a general market that slipped into the negative I still made 11% in one day on that stock and it has upside potential due to higher than expected earnings.

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  • 4 years ago

    I think its per broker. But i'd assume it would.

    One of my accounts doesn't do after hours and if i set a limit order after market close, it doesn't go into effect until market open the next day.

    If i set it pre market, same thing,

    My other account only gives me the option..... regular hours or "regular + extended". So i'm thinking any extended hours order is by default intended to be a regular hours order, but then you can choose to make it also be in the pre or post market.

    Butttttt if you use think or swim, you can set it to place orders at certain times and cancel them if not filled.

  • Spin
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    5 years ago

    It does with my broker - Interactive Brokers

  • Anonymous
    5 years ago

    It does with my broker :Suretrader

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