is there something wrong with my motherboard?

i just got my college pc and i downloaded hwmonitor like i always do to each pc i have and it tells me everything is fine except my motherboard is at 110c ... im not doing annything it says its that hot and the temperature isnt moving like all the other things, i have a msi b150 pro-d (ms-7996)


it says systin and the highest voltage is 3.4 volts by avcc and 3vcc ( not moving at all like the others) but the pc itself works perfectly probable just faulty temp sensor but il keep the fans on 100% just to be safe but im getting no warnings on my pc so it should be fine

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  • 4 years ago
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    Which part of your motherboard? I mean, if it really was at 110C, your motherboard should be dead. I'd check your volts in the bios. If nothing is super high there, it may just be a faulty temp sensor. But if you're super worried, you can always return the PC (or just the motherboard if you build the pc). I've never seen temps on any of my builds go that high... just check your voltages.

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