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Water conditioner or carbon filter?

I learned both water conditioner and carbon filter are 2 things that can can make tap water safe for fish. I was scared I would accidentally over dose the tank so I installed a carbon filter in my faucet pipes.

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    Carbon is good for directly treating tap water for drinking, but the issue is it does need to be replaced, and it's hard to tell when without a chlorine test kit. The main issue I know about carbon for filtering is that eventually it gets "full". Carbon works through adsorption, where the chlorine and other compounds "stick" to the surface of the carbon. Once too much stuff sticks on, it no longer works and must be replaced.

    I prefer tap water conditioners, which are usually diluted sodium thiosulfate in a bottle. You might be relieved to know you can't really overdose it. Literally you'd need several gallons of the stuff per gallon of water to overdose, and most bottles now come with a measuring cap to make things easier, But again, overdosing is near impossible in most situations, unless using pure sodium thiosulfate crystals.

    I hope I was able to help out a bit. The carbon filter isn't my personal preference for the aforementioned reasons, but it should be good for your drinking water!

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    You definitelly need water conditioner. I found a post about it and it says you have to have overdosed by like, 2000+ times. So unless you dump a couple of 12 oz bottles of conditioner into a 10 gallon tank, you're good. I reguarly double dose with a WEAK solution, like Tetra Safe. That's an acceptable brand if you're afraid of overdosing.

    Carbon is just another type of filter media. I use both and can still get dead fish. So DEFINITELY use tap conditioner and just get a good filter! Aqua Tech is a good but affordable brand!

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