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Christians, in business, what is the difference in a given business that serves God, and one serving money?

I think about antiques ...a time when

more people followed God in some

way. Then I remember this building

built maybe 70 years ago, WAS

beautiful but now a shambles but

fully rented bringing in that income.

What have you noticed in what a

business is like that follows God

vs. those that exist only to make money.

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    There is a vast gulf of distance between a business serving god and one serving money.

    The one works on the business owners and all they deal with, developing strength of

    character and equitable problem solving. Strengthens all it touches.

    This type of development comes through the unrelenting attacks that inevitably will

    beset a Godly business. So worldly success is not even within the realm of possibility.

    So when that weakness/fantasy is discarded, the real enterprise (working on

    people/owners) will begin.

    The one that serves money can cross-pollinate with any number of peripheral contagions.

    Before participants are even aware, they are in deep s***. Guaranteed septic experience.

    And such an excremental experience is quite just. Without God the rules are suspended or

    even non-existent. Badland territory of spiritual giants/wickedness. This is strife. Hell.

    Serving God involves an entire scope of highly principled standards of interaction.

    So that there are boundaries in place that clearly delineate equitable dealings.

    This is a powerful protection for all involved. The protocols form a template for handling

    the most difficult situations.

    Godly business builds relations as opposed to crushing them. This is possible due to the

    focus being on the Lord and how He is leading rather than on self/money.

    A business is also an entity with a type of life of its own. Requires nurturing and only a

    Godly approach will edify through myriad situations that inevitably arise - largely in the

    form of attacks. This is a form of sanctification or cleansing; keeping the business ethical.

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    the one thats serving god cares more about people than money

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    It's because greed boils down to taking things from people. If you're greedy, you won't treat your customers right, and most importantly, you won't treat your employees right either. Eventually, the business will crumble.

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