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Can you answer the following question?

Some scientists argue that the human-enhanced greenhouse effect may be countered by a cooling effect. What is the basis for this cooling effect?

If this theory is correct, how do these scientists explain the cause of the increase in Earth's temperature over the last 50 years?

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    Mini Ice Age or



    The problem is the Climate Change Scientists are wrong as often as they are right. They take credit for the times they are right (See we accurately predicted, so we are right.), but disclaim when they are wrong (True we were wrong, but that was an anomaly. Just wait, you will see we are right.) EXAMPLE: The 2004 - 2005 Atlantic Hurricane Season was very active. Claim: It was active because warmer water in the South Atlantic causes more hurricanes to form. Hurricane Katrina was proof that the warmer South Atlantic was forming more violent hurricanes. Fact: Since, the Atlantic Hurricanes have not been more numerous, nor more violent. Explanation After the Fact: Well the El Nino has suppressed hurricanes, but just wait, hurricanes will be more numerous and more violent due to the warmer water.

    1) The earth has a changing climate, we have had Ice Ages and Hot-Dry world droughts

    2) The earth has built in control feed back mechanisms that their models don't consider

    3) The same models that now predict warming, 30 years ago predicted cooling and a new Ice Age. The driving force in both cases was the same human emissions (soot or CO2, take your choice)

    4) The Climate Change Scientists have been caught biasing the numbers.

    OK, for the sake of argument, I will stipulate that global warming is real and manmade. The problem is: What to do about it? What will you personally do to reverse it? What are you willing to accept? These are not easy questions. Does it matter what the USA and Western Europe do? I ask only that you think it through carefully. If you are lucky enough to live a First World Lifestyle, you must be willing to accept a Second or Third World Lifestyle. Why? Because First World Lifestyle depends on expenditure of energy to create and maintain it. What good will a 30% reduction in emissions by the USA do if China and India continue to develop toward a 1st world life style? Ever wonder where the smog over Baijing comes from? And, the burning of fossil fuels is the only energy source concentrated enough and dependable enough to do that. Even nuclear with all its’ waste disposal and environmental problems cannot replace fossil fuel.

    Food: Do you intend to become a subsistence farmer? How much land will you need for that? Have you checked out the lifestyle of subsistence farmers? Or, do you want diesel trucks and trains to continue to deliver food to your nearest market? Is it OK for farmers to have diesel tractors? Are pesticides ok? How about fertilizer? What is your plan to deal with the manure?

    Heat, Air Conditioning, and Light: When it gets cold, hot, or dark what is your plan?

    Are you ready to give up your computer, Smartphone, HDTV, etc? Or do you think they were manufactured by elves at the North Pole and delivered to the electronics store near your home by a reindeer powered sleigh?

    How about your environmentally friendly bicycle (carbon-fiber frame no doubt)? Where do you think it was manufactured and where did the raw materials come from?


    Why not leave our economy alone and export our expertise on emissions control to the developing 3rd World. We really need to get the smog in China under control. We have the technology to do that. Many USA Companies build the equipment and we have engineers that are expert at design of emission control systems.

    Democrats and Liberals, in general, have the solution backwards. We need to impose (AKA: Treaties) USA (EPA) Emissions Standards on the rest of the world, not uselessly destroy our economy.

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