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Good large dog breeds?

I like big built dogs like a bullmastiff. Do NOT like small dogs. Preferably friendly, playful & loyal. One that has a decent lifespan, atleast 10 years (which might be harder with a big dog). Dont want a common breed like a golden retriever. I like unique ones like a a dogue de bordeaux. What would be a good match? Or similar match?

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    Hmmm... what about these breeds:

    Cane Corso


    Scottish Deerhound

    Ca de Bou

    Bernese Mountain Dog

    Rhodesian Ridgeback

    Perro de Presa Canario

    Dogo Argentino

    Alaskan Malamute



    Alaskan Husky

    This is a list about the broad large dogs, if you want more specifics, please give more information (like what is the temperature in your place? how much training would you like to do? what amount of grooming are you okay to do? etc...)

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    Here is a list from AKC


    I don't think that any one but you can choose a breed you like. Not knowing a thing about you or how much you know about dogs & dog training, what kind of environment the dog will be living under? Don't know if you can even take care of a dog. Could you handle a strong temperament or do you prefer a laid back dog? Would you be able to choose the temperament you want from a litter of pups?

    Do a process of elimination, pick 5, reduce to 3, reduce to 2 & choose or flip a coin. Check out the sites from AKC for standards & basic information, check out the Breed Clubs, You can contact a breed club & find out if there is a club near you, to find a reputable breeder. The Club can steer you away from the BYBers.

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    Depending on the climate where you live, an alaskan malamute is very playful. They are the draft horses of the dog world though, so don't tie one to the bumper of your car while you run inside to grab something. I did that and came out to see the bumper bouncing merrily along behind my disappearing mal.

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    How about a Pyrenees? Swiss Mountain dog?

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    do not know you ,,,do not know your life style.... only you can answer this question

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