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How big is a town compared to a city?

Also, how big would the population of a town be compared to the city's.

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    Different countries look at those words differently. In Europe (UK) anyway, it's not about size but having particular things in it... like a cathedral and university, and if it doesn't meet the criteria of a city, it's a town. In the USA people think of cities as larger than towns or villages, and that is generally true, but there are many, many exceptions. Different states have different definitions of "city". In Michigan, for example, any municipality can incorporate as a city once they have at least 300 people. But in the USA there are towns with over 100,000 people. The Town of Hempstead on Long Island (NY) contains 22 villages and 37 hamlets and contains over 750,000 people.

    So you really can't make any but the most general of size comparisons because the definitions of town and city are too varied.

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    I'm just going to copy and paste this, but the basic difference in size depends on where it's located. You can have a city of 165 people and a town of 1100.

    "1. Cities are usually larger than towns and more densely populated.

    2. As cities advance, they may sometimes merge with, or incorporate surrounding areas. Towns on the other hand, tend not to do this.

    3. The centre of power mainly rests in the cities and not in the towns. Most of the important administrative offices are situated in the cities.

    4. Corporate bodies rule the cities; municipalities, the towns. A mayor is the head of a city corporation, while a chairman is the head of a municipality.

    5. In the US, ‘city’ is a legal term that means an urban area with autonomous power. In other countries, the word does not have a legal basis but refers to a large settlement."

    So, basically it's a state and county decision as to what is or is not a town or city. In other countries it might be different.

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    How Big Is A City

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    Neither is defined. In the UK any town with a Cathedral is usually called a city. But there is no given definition.

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    by definition a city has to have a cathedral and a university. If it doesnt it is a town

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