Are these good readers response topics for 1984;?


- Surveillance in the novel and how it relates to present day western society

- Humans nature seeks what is favorable for themselves and avoids what is not, as proved in the book and by Thomas hobbes

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    Google is doing more spying on you than the government.

    Your ISP actively records your web browsing history and sells that information to the highest bidder

    EZ-Pass has been used, in new york, to track the movements of individual vehicles

    Credit Cards record, tabulate, and sell information about your personal shopping habits and finances.

    Hell, Google Maps constantly uploads your exact location (when used on a phone) and Android has a hidden feature that is enabled by default to monitor where you go and look for proximity to other androids to determine relationship statuses.


    1984 really focuses on the idea of the government being the entity and how the people unwittingly gave up their freedoms to get to where they were now.

    Present day society, we're willingly giving up our freedoms and don't even care about the consequences of it.

    I would say that the better point would be to show how the focus on the singular governmental entity has caused us to lose sight of what we've lost due to corporate control.

    In truth, the most interesting perspective would be to recognize that to protect the freedoms of the many, some individual freedoms must be lost in exchange. There are two sides to the argument, and while we do fear being oppressed by the government, only the government can control others and restrict them from infringing on our freedom.

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      you my friend has just provoked my thinking like no one else, thank you so much

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