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Jason asked in Politics & GovernmentMilitary · 5 years ago

For the regulars around here: What's your background?

I'm around here a lot and I see quite a few of the same names, etc. I know I don't list my whole stinking resume every time I answer a question; I usually just put what aspect of my personal experience is relevant to the question.

For example, I used to be a flight medic in the USAF and I was also a training manager. If the only experience I draw on to answer a question is my general experience, I just put "Former USAF flight medic". If that also includes things I picked up from being a training manager, I include that. In my civilian life, I'm a former paramedic, a respiratory therapist, and my degree is in biochemistry and evolutionary biology. If a question alludes to anything from that, I'll include those.

Long before the seasoning program existed, Reserve units had to sometimes get creative in order to get med techs some experience. In my case, that meant my unit sent me to MEPS for a few months. I bounced around there as a med tech and got somewhat familiar with the process, regulations, etc. So when someone asks a question pertaining to MEPS, I'll include that experience as well.

What about the rest of you that I see here all the time? What's your military background? Civilian background? Do you just note your own relevant experience? Does it really matter? (There are a few "Jason"s around here so I like to differentiate myself).


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    Source(s): Background Checks Search Database - http://backgroundchecks.raiwi.com/?mWti
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    Source(s): Background Check Search Database - http://backgroundchecks.zourg.com/?IIM
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    I don't really have a background relating to military things, I'm just an 18 year old American who is stuck deciding which branch to join. Due to that I've done a ridiculous amount of research on all the branches, jobs etc. so try to use the things I've learned while researching to answer any questions I can when I see them.

    Andrew is my name, I'm from Miami Florida. First person in the family since World War II to have an interest in joining the military, so this site provides a lot of real world first person information I'd never be able to learn about in real life.

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    Like you...........I don't list my whole "stinking resume" here every time I answer a question, or have the need to keep bragging about my service, or signing every post here, with my Navy credentials.

    I have vast experience in many fields, being a college graduate, who WORKED my way thru college BEFORE I joined the Military, and held a wide variety of jobs, ---sometimes several at once---to pay my way thru.

    AFTER the Military and serving foward deployed most of my time in.......in places like Japan and Italy, I actually moved to Italy, and began the NEXT phase of my life.

    I'm not one of those High school jocks who keeps talking about that winning touchdown, 30 years later, like that's the only thing I ever accomplished in life.

    there was college , Military, living abroad , raising a son, starting my own business......and countless other accomplishments.

    I answer what questions I can with my vast knowledge and experience, and Military is part of that......so I answer those questions I know the answer to .

    The source space here isn't big enough for me to list my entire resumé......but I've made no secret that I was in the Navy. Always happy to share what I know.

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    5 years ago

    Graduated HS at 15

    Went to CC got LVN and Paramedic certificates plus an AA degree in general studies

    Got a job that I didn't really like

    Joined the Navy because they had the reputation for having the best trained enlisted medical people

    Went to HM A school and Field Medical Services School,few years later went to Independent Duty school

    Did 22 years, retired then went into business with some friends, permanently retired 15 years after that

    Now my wife and I split our time between the US and her home country of the Philippines

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    I'm an entrepreneur, I contribute to the global economy, I don't live off other people tax dollars so that I can kill babies in foreign lands I'm too ignorant to know anything about. I travel the world, have a great family, love the beautiful humans of this planet, and am disgusted by the cowardice and terroristic practices of the US military.

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    My names Tom. I'm currently in Army Dep and am 18. I recently graduated highschool early due to AP classes. I was looking to join the marines but needed a waiver as the day I went to Meps I had an ear infection which made me fail. The army therefore provided me a waiver. I will be going into 13B. Before this I was a delivery driver at Jimmy Johns, earning some nice Tips. My background is weird. I was born here in Illinois, but am the only American in my family, which were all born in Lithuanian. I have a strong sense of patriotism for the US and look forward to serving it

    Source(s): Army Dep
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    5 years ago

    I'm 68. Did my bit in the Navy in the late 60's. No particular career specialization. Worked many different jobs. Mostly blue collar labor. Met, and mostly, got along with many different types of people. Always been a voracious reader. War history buff. Try to pay attention to politics, and what works, as opposed to what some people hope will work.

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    I'm 17, contemplated between joining the Army and Air Force but ultimately decided to join the Air Force as a crew chief. Now I'm in DEP scheduled to leave in a few months.

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    I've always answered with my real name and never have answered anonymous EVER, I'm a 29 year old mixed race black liberal Democrat probation and parole official and a card carrying member of the NRA and an advid supporter of police and law enforcement in general with over 8 years of experience dealing with just about every type of individual ethnically,religiously and social economically that you can deal with which ofcouse gives me a fair amount of insight on most issues that exist in our society today. If you were to research the history of my questions and answers you would undoubtedly see that I'm unmistakably pro multiculturalist and that I deplore racist individuals weather they'd be white or black. Not to mention in a level 5 member with only 1 account.

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