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How would we be killed off in a thriller spy flick?

We both like playing the bad guys, and would defiantly be cast as Russian spies. Just the though of espionage and defection turns us on.

Since my best friend is a proud Russian this fits well for us both. Of course the audience will defiantly be happy to see us finished off in a gruesome cliche spy movie type death. Especially after it’s revealed that were not only spies, but gay boyfriends with each other!

So what can you come up with for our final scene? How did we blow it and get caught? How do we get disposed of? Don’t hold back, make it hurt and use us as an example for everyone else!

We both are pretty arrogant and think we are smarter then everyone else, so getting caught would come as a surprise!

Don’t be afraid to offend! The more brutal or unique you make it the better chance you will get 10 pts.

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