Please can you list some characteristics of it's performance and tell me if it is worth buying. I am looking to get a new guitar very soon.

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  • 5 years ago
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    It looks like a servicable guitar. Pretty much the Ibanez version of a Fender HHS strat.

    I don't like the neck of the Ibanez guitars, but that's just me. Many metal players like them just fine.

    The trem is a variation of the two pivot trem on American Fender Strats.

    (might need one extra spring in the trem block to stabilize tuning, as Strats usually do, to get the spring tension to equalize and bring back the trem to the same position every time)

    You will probably find the G string will go a little out of tune if you use the whammy bar a lot, (you will get used to doing on the fly adjustments to that as most Strat players do)

    High gain or distortion pedals will cause the hum from the single coil middle and neck pickups to be enhanced(again , you learn to deal with that)

    You get the nice humbucker gain from the bridge pickup, and the nice Strat sound from the middle and neck pickups and the in between settings.

    DO NOT alternate tune. If you feel the need to drop tune, keep it at one tuning and adjust the trem bridge accordingly.

    Alternate tuning plays hell with any tremolo bridge.

    If you must alternate tune , get a Tremel-No device (about $60) to lock the trem or release it as necessary.

    Not a bad guitar from looking at it's specs. If I liked Ibanez guitar necks, I'd consider it as a possibly ok guitar to play.

    I just happen to love the Fender Strat necks. Ibanez fret wires seem too bumpy and the fretboards are flatter than I usually like.

    But , some people prefer the Ibanez fret board.. You should at least play a few Ibanez guitars at a music store if you can to see if you like the feel of the neck.

    I played over 100 American Deluxe Strats before I found the one that I felt was "mine" and I played it for 20 years after I bought it.

    Source(s): 46 yrs exp as rock guitarist/former pro musician
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