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What's causing stomach pain after I eat?

For the past week and a half, my stomach has been weird. I've had to be careful what I eat, as I felt sick almost constantly. Stomach flu made a run through my family a week before, so I just attributed it to that. But now I don't think that's the issue. I lay down in bed or sit my stomach just randomly hurts, like cramping and acid feelings. I thought that was weird, as normally I'm just nauseous when I get the stomach flu that goes away after puking. I had diarrhea for one horrible day, but I watched what I ate and it hasn't returned. But the rest of the symptoms haven't left. I'm not nauseous anymore, but as of today every single time I eat I get cramps in my stomach. I thought I was just heartburn at first, so I took some tums, but I was wrong. Although they helped my stomach overall, every time I swallowed I felt my stomach cramp. It went away after I ignored it for about an hour, but the same feeling has returned everytime I eat now. It doesn't matter what I eat, the pain starts after my first few bites! It's miserable, and I'm getting scared. I have an appointment with my doctor later this week, but in the meantime is there any info you can tell me as to what could be causing this??

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