Feeling Inadequate?

I recently beat cancer (leukemia), and as a result I feel like my job isn't good enough for a potential partner to find attractive. I'm currently a teacher and make roughly $75k, but I feel like I should be doing something more/making more in order to compensate for the baggage that I'm bringing.

What should I do? Should I search for something better in a different industry?

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  • 5 years ago
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    If your job makes you feel appreciated and empowered, that's worth far more than the money. And besides, $75K is pretty darn good for a late-twenties former cancer patient.

    It's important to have a career that reflects your character, also. Women see that, also. You'd much rather be attracting women based on your character than on how much you make.

    As for your "baggage", you don't need to compensate for that. How you handle adversity is what defines you. My SO of 10 years is a cancer survivor (and still going through treatment) but I admire her all the more for what she's had to go through and overcome. Medical issues will scare some people off but not the one that's right for you.

    Just a note: if you're still dealing with medical issues, be careful about a career change or enhancement that results in more stress than you're already experiencing. I know that teaching isn't exactly stress-free, but you could be doing a lot worse in that area. Focus on being the person you want to be, rather than trying to be someone you think people want you to be. Good luck.

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