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I get bullied and have depression?

This has been going on for 4 years. I get laughed at,called names,made fun of and sometimes even pushed every day.i have been in counselling for 4 years been forced in girls groups told teacher parents principals etc. And it dosent work I have been thinking about it every day it gave me depression I can't switch schools and I DONT KNOW WHAT TO DO please help and I can't ignore it it gets worse

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    I was bullied in school as well. All I can say is that if you don't defend yourself, nobody will. Schools hate violence, but they will not protect you from bullying, so it is left in your own hands. If that leads to a suspension, so be it. Next time, they won't f* with you.

    If it comes to blows, make sure they feel it for a week. You may not win the fight, but at least they'll think twice about doing it again. Don't ever use weapons. That's for cowards.

    I was a high school drop-out and am about ready to graduate from a state university, so I can say that any damage that you do to your life by sticking-up for yourself will be minimal and you stand to gain a great deal from learning how.

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    The correlation between stress & depression has a causative factor. Sometimes (like you have assessed in your situation) the circumstances are resistant to change & one can feel overwhelmed from their continuance & escalation. Magnesium is necessary to adapt to & cope w/ stress & its deficiency is associated w/ depression. Stress increases the use, depletion & excretion of Magnesium & this affects what is called the 'stress response'. It can be misleading to assume that nutrition is irrelevant (tho Magnesium can be absorbed topically as well) & Magnesium deficiency is not only common but occurs quite readily when insufficient amounts are consumed or assimilated. Another factor that is relevant to depression is vitamin D levels. You may notice that milk is fortified with D3 yet calcium & Magnesium are antagonistic & excess calcium can aggravate magnesium deficiency. D helps retain magnesium & Mg is necessary to convert D to its active biological form.

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    If public school is too stressful, finish your education via correspondence school. No bullies, no anxiety, no extra homework and... you graduate early. I loved it.

    If you continue to be depressed, tell a dr. and ask for Zoloft; it works wonders. Hope it works for you, too.

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    It is possible that the people who have been guiding you have skipped having you see a psychiatrist. seeing a psychiatrist worked pretty well for me. ask your parents about having a medical practitioner prescribe something to lift your mood.

    I am not a psychiatrist.

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      I can't thanks for answering tho

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