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How to change to a healthy diet for good?

There is so much info out there that is lies or half truths that I don t know what to do... I wanted to hear stories from real people who changed to a healthy diet! I want details mostly from the beginning of the change, like how did you deal with cravings, how did you order when you eat out? I want to start slow, because any time I have jumped into it and cut things out of my diet I never stick with it. I am going to be meeting with a dietician regularly soon, but I wanted to hear from average people who probably started out with the same experience level as me.

I ll tell you a bit about myself. I am a 20 year old college girl with some knee and back problems. I don t drink pop or powdered drink mixes and don t eat fake sugars (I can taste aspartame and many other kinds... yuck!!). I love unsweetened or lightly sweetened tea, which I drink quite a bit of and also drink fruit infused water. My main problem is carbs... I don t want to cut them completely out, as I ve tried and all that lead to was a terrible binge. I also want to cut down on my sugar intake, although I m not quite sure how much I usually eat. I just have a feeling I eat a little too much fruit and should try to switch to more veggies. I like veggies, especially homemade kale and spinach chips. My problem is that I get sick of raw veggies really fast.

If you ve been in a similar situation to mine, I would greatly appreciate hearing your story, what you would ve done differently, and any tips you have for me!

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    You sound like a pretty healthy person to me!

    In terms of my own story, here's what I recommend . . . Start journaling everything you eat, it's interesting to see it written on a page all the things we consume in a day. This will make you more aware of what you're putting in your body. Next comes diet: I totally agree with you about the carbs thing (I couldn't live without them!). So what I started to do was limit myself to 2 or 3 carb- products a day. For instance, a sandwich comes on bread. That is 1 carb product for lunch, and I might have a side of pasta with my dinner which makes two. For breakfast I might make myself an egg-cheese-and-tomato omlette, or fruit with greek yogurt. (On my more indulgent days, like today I give myself grilled cheese for breakfast dipped in pasta sauce).

    Mostly though, I recommend sticking to the 3 Hints for Healthy living. #1 is to drink a lot of water. Water makes up most of our bodies' content, and it helps you feel full at all times! Carry a bottle with you and you're off to a great start. Hint #2 is to think in terms of addition, not subtraction. People tend to feel restricted when they think about all the things in their diet that they ~can't~ eat. So don't think in terms of subtraction, just add the good stuff. Think of how you can add more vegetables into your meals, or more fruits instead of desserts. Me, personally, I tried to start using vegetables in place of starches. So, now I make cauliflower-pizza-crust, or zucchini pasta instead of my usual. Helpful Hint #3 is to sleep. Catching those zzzzzzzz's is vital for weight loss and overall health, all your body's mechanisms are restored and maintained during REM sleep. (unfortunately, most of us don't meet that required amount of 8 hours a night). Try your best to make these Hints into Habits and you'll be surprised at the results!

    I hope this helped and have a lovely day!

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    that's easy, do a search in your zipcode for a naturopathic physician, check yelp comments and doctor grades, you'll see it...and get a full consultation...they know health and diet and healing, not drugs....you'll be glad you did....best wishes

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