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Well I like Windows 7, Windows 8 or Windows 10?

I want OS that

has light on ram, CPU, CPU fan.

don't use much HDD space.

fast installing OS.

lighter and faster on Video games, Google Chrome and video.

I don't care about power on, shutting down speed.


Linux must be lighter. But When I use it they are slower than Windows 8. And there are many things that I can't do in Linux.

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    Windows ten, the most advanced up to date software available, uninstall half of those programs you'll never use with REVO uninstallers free version

    Evernote- no one uses

    AMD Quick. Stream regulates internet speeds( waste of space )

    Microsoft excel- are a entrepreneur

    Microsoft office- are you a writer or run your own business :/

    Windows media player vs power dvd uninstall one

    Go through them the less you have the faster your PC runs

    Disable services you will never use in run (services.msc)

    Disable start up programs that aren't necessities (msconfig)

    In run type




    "Delete everything in them"

    Go to my computer, right click, go to properties, left click, go to performance and tools, then adjust visual effects, custom- none of those need checked...PC runs faster

    Defragment your system every 30 days

    Run CCleaner on your system every 30 days

    There's so many ways to speed up any electronic device you just have to understand how it operates

    Ctrl + alt + del = running processes ( priority - real time -high- medium -low- )


    Process hacker portable is what I use to monitor my systems activity (just a more advanced version aside from Microsoft)

    All programs have some sort of background activity using ram and the control processing unit (CPU)

    Faster systems can also be modified with the maximum amount of ram thee operating system allows, and switching the HDD with a SSD

    When you say Linux are you talking about Debian or ubuntu ?

    You don't need to be playing video games on your computer, you do know a vast majority of those bring malicious software and adware to your operating system right ?

    I'm glad you like Microsoft's products, but first I think you should learn how to keep them functioning, without being vulnerable to system failures and slow downs

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    Forget Windows 8 and 10 and go with 7 (Until you have to). 8 & 10 are bloated and moving away from what actually worked. If you want stability, Windows 7 is the last version of Windows that truly works like it's supposed to, right out of the box. It's also not heavy on ram usage (unless you decide to go heavy on the ram). As far as HDD space needed, All Windows OS's need between 16-20GB's depending on architecture (32 or 64bit). The choice is yours but Windows 8 and 10 have major issues. The proof is in the amount of Windows 8 & 10 questions being asked here and other places. Not saying Windows 7 doesn't have issues, but they are nothing compared to the latest versions of Windows.

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    your mileage may vary. that's really all anyone can say, since i've been reading reviews and it varies by system and user preferences.

    when i upgraded my laptop from 7 to 10 the only thing i noticed is start up speed. it maybe shaved 2 seconds off start up. whoop-dee-fcking-doo. but it broke alot of other stuff. minecraft (my only game) runs at less than 10 fps FPS with 90C temps, its gonna break my laptop! with 7 i had 40 fps easy with 70C temps. my vpn broke and can't be fixed. instead of instant start up with apps there's a delay. chrome runs slower. computer occasionally lags. autocad 2010 and solidworks 2010 do not work on win 10, and i haven't got a few thousand dollars lying around to fix it. my FN keys intermittently function and its very irritating when it doesn't work. there is no win 10 driver for the FN keys. battery life cut in half. smartphone gui menus are confusing for someone who grew up using 95-vista and used to being able to get details by right clicking. the two complete sets of control panel is stupid. one is smartphone style, with no details and is confusing to use, and the other is the old control panel with simple summary at a glance and details with right click. i dunno why they must fix something that isn't broken.

    the only thing i say love about win 10 is the welcome screen (login screen) photos. unfortunately cant get them as desktop... they broke that too. 7's got nice desktop options, 10 they dumbed it down so much its hard to customize. the extra print screen feature in games is idiotic and the stupid overlay won't go away. keyboards had a 'print screen' function going back at least to 1986 (my ibm model m made in feb'86 has one), did they really need to add a shortcut? and one that needs three keys pressed instead of one.

    on the other hand, at work, when i upgraded about 10 or so computers to 10, some greatly benefitted and others... are worse than my laptop. what is clear, i am not a fan of 8. or 8.1

    on my home pc i did a 2 month test between vista and 7... to my surprise there is no measurable difference in performance. 7 uses less ram for sure, one of vista's issues is excessive ram use. 7 definitely starts up much faster, but there's a small delay with running apps. vista takes like 2 mins to get to welcome screen, but after that everything is instant load. ultimately i stuck with vista because 7 is sorta weird. vista is good ol' xp with fancy new graphics. (7 was also borrowed from work, so i couldn't keep it for free)

    the purpose of the test was to determine whether i should get 7 to complete my ssd upgrade, because without the ssd 7 would definitely win. i think vista benefits greater from ultra high performance ssd's than win 7. I doubt win 8 or 10 would beat vista with the same hardware (i7 960, ddr3-1600 18gb, ssd 1500 read/1235 write, gtx 560)

    but since 10 is the last microsoft OS to ever be released, and realistically we'd all be forced to get on 10 eventually, its best to go with 10 now if you can, to save yourself $200 OS costs in the future, even if right now 10's sucky. way i see it, its $200 saved towards upgrading your machine to make 10 less sucky.

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    I often end up writing the same question on other sites

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    The OS is irrelevant, they are all about the same. Your hardware dictates the rest.

  • Anonymous
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    me tooo

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