Does adding extra SSd requires space?

Sorry I am not a computer geek.

I know when you add a GPU you will need a pci e x16 slot and most pc only have 1. What about HDD and SSD? I want an internal one not the usb one to boot my windows and stuffs

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  • 5 years ago
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    Depends on the computer. You do need an appropriately sized "bay." SSD's typically use the 2.5" form factor, while hard drives on desktops use 3.5" drive bays (which are both taller and wider). Since SSD's have been really popular, a lot of desktop computers come with 2.5" drive bays just for SSDs. Some design-centric computer cases have even just drilled holes on the back of motherboard tray to mount SSDs. There are also adapters that can convert 3.5" drive bays or even 5.25" drive bays (used for DVD-ROM/Optical drives) into 2.5" drive bays.

    Because SSD's have no moving parts, and aren't nearly as sensitive to temperature or shock, you can mount an SSD anywhere - even use double-sided tape, or adhesive velcro straps if you want. Slap it to a side panel, the power supply, the top of the case, anywhere you want. You can't really do that with hard drives because they have moving parts that generate heat, so they can't be bumped while in operation, and they need cool air. Again, SSD's don't have these requirements, as they're basically USB sticks on steroids.

    If you're upgrading a laptop, you will need the bay, since there isn't a lot of space that goes unutilized.

    As for connections, all you need is a SATA power connector, and a SATA data cable. Most motherboards will have between 4-8 SATA data ports, and will have at least 2 SATA power connectors, though some will come with more, depending on the computer or power supply. SATA power adapters are also available.

  • 5 years ago

    You should have a drive bay in your case which is a rack for hard drives.

    Also just so you know in case you don't,, SSD load information much faster and are much more expensive, HDD load information much slower and are much cheaper.. So keep that in mind. All you really need is a SATA, or SATA 2.0 depending on how new a model of HDD or SSD you have. You don't need pci e x16 slots on your motherboard for HDD and usually not SSD's you just need a place to plug in a SATA

  • 5 years ago

    Only the newest SSD drives require a PCI slot. If you open your computer you will see a slot where hard drives and solid-state drives can be screwed in and installed.

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    5 years ago

    Yes you need space for that so called "slots"

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