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What are some good animes?

I'm in the mood to watch some anime, but I'm not sure what. What are some good animes?

I tend to like animes that have fighting in them, a bit of fantasy/supernatural, and action/adventure. I don't mind if there is a bit of romance, either but not the main focus. Also a little bit of tragedy in the series is okay, like if the ending is sad or whatever.

I tend to not like ninja, mecha, sports or comedy.

Some animes I like:

-Tokyo Ghoul(I binge watched the first season in one day, now I'm watching the second season.) I love this anime.

-Majin Tantei Nougami Neuro.

-I used to really like Kuroshitsuji, both season 1 and 2 and i've rewatched it a ton of times but now I'm a bit sick of it, and can't bring myself to watch the 3rd season.

-Chrono Crusade

-Hellsing(I saw all the anime, and the Hellsing Ultimate)

-Ga Rei Zero(I loved this.)

-Ao No Exorcist

-Attack On Titan

-Rozen Maiden

-Hataraku Maou-sama!


-Devil May Cry

Animes I started watching, kind of liked, but never finished:

-Darker Than Black

-Pandora Hearts

-D. Gray Man

-Trinity Blood

-Fairy Tail

-Sword Art Online

Animes I really don't like:



-One Piece

-Death Note


-Soul Eater

-Code Geass

So what are some good animes that I may like? :)

Are any of the animes that I haven't finished watching that are worth starting to watch again?

I've been meaning to watch Psycho Pass, is it any good? And Full Metal Alchemist, should I start with the 2003 series or the 2009 one?

Thank you!

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    Check out Owari no Seraph, Gangsta, Kiznaiver, Mitchiko to Hatching and Bungou Stray Dogs!

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