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what songs should i sing?

I'm looking for new songs to sing to practice my vocal skills.I like musicals and most recently i've been singing songs from Le miserable, but i am starting to get tired of them songs and am starting to look for new ones. any suggestions?

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    Learning songs is not the same as learning how to sing in a healthy, natural way. Having said THAT, if you like songs from musicals, there are entire songbooks of them, often arranged by general voice type.

    There are also plenty of websites related to musicals, which lists and even samples songs from those musicals.

    Karaoke companies also produce a variety of karaoke tracks with songs from musical theatre and film, as well as near complete recordings of various musicals (usually available with and without "guide vocals").

    I will list some sources for you to browse to your heart's content. You can even find some Broadway karaoke on YouTube if you just want to sing for fun.

    To purchase tracks, sheet music, books, cds, you can get them directly from the company, or other music vendors including Amazon, and even local stores and chains that sell such items, or will special order them for you. Deal with reputable vendors--nearly all musical theatre repertoire is under copyright, so if you try to get "free" you might not get the product you really want, along with breaking the law, and possibly downloading a virus or spyware.

    I can't recommend specific songs without knowing what you can and can't sing, or if you just like newer musicals, prefer belting, or what. If you like "Les Miserables", you might try other musicals written by the same team, such as "Miss Saigon" and the lesser known "Martin Guerre" and "The Pirate Queen". Andrew Lloyd Webber's "The Phantom of the Opera " is also popular with "Les Miz" fans, but he's written a slee if other musicals, and even the duds usually has at least ONE hummable melody in it (even if he has to revamp an earlier melody he--or Puccini--wrote).

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      There is nothing wrong with singing for fun, and trying new material, but remember that singing is NEVER supposed to hurt, or cause you to go hoarse after just a few run-throughs.

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    Try "I Still Love You" by KISS. Good luck singing it anywhere near as well as Paul Stanley sings it.

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    Queen is always great.

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      It's a good suggestion since most of the songs are within my vocal range, easy to remember, sound good, yet not to easy it's just a good ammount of challenge

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