Question on Jesus' birthdate?

It's say he was born around 7-4 BC, this means before Christ how can this be?

Please don't tell me to use the BCE, I'm just wandering what the situation is on the BC calendar

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    The strongest evidence we have of the date of Jesus’ birth comes from the Bible.

    The record states that Jesus’ cousin John the Baptizer began his career as a prophet in the 15th year of Roman Emperor Tiberius Caesar. Luke 3:1, 2

    Secular history confirms that Tiberius was named emperor on September 15, 14 C.E., so his 15th year would run from the latter part of 28 C.E. to the latter part of 29 C.E.

    John began his ministry during that time, and Jesus evidently started his ministry six months later. Luke 1:24-31

    This, combined with other evidence, would place the beginning of Jesus’ ministry in the fall of 29 C.E. The Bible states that Jesus was about thirty years old when he began his ministry.

    If he was 30 years old in the fall of 29 C.E., he must have been born in the fall of 2 B.C.E.

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    The answer is in the bible. There are 2 calendar stencils that you need to use to map a secular calendar and know which one is right. Jesus birth was prophesied and a calendar issued in the form of 70 weeks, this is the trick but you still need at least one secular calendar alongside the prophesy one to know exactly which date we are talking about. I've done this several times and came to the knowledge of which calendar to use, i will do the tracing here using the calendar where historians have placed Nebuchadnezzar's reign to start around 605BC:


    -19 years

    586 BC The year Daniel and others were taken captive

    -70 years of captivity

    516 BC The year that the command to rebuild Jerusalem came forth plus Captives being released


    467 BC Rebuilding Jerusalem

    -33 (unexplained break in rebuilding Jerusalem)

    434 BC


    0 I know there's no 0 BC/AD but for calculation purposes, this is the time of our Lords birth, the hour that divides BC from AD.

    But, when the messiah comes, He is cut off and will have nothing. Isaiah 53:8 explains the meaning of cutting off- His generation is actually not accounted for in the calendar. So, a whole 33 years is cut off from the calendar so that 33AD reads 0.

    From there now, you can calculate when the end will begin because you know there's only one week remaining from the 70 weeks.

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    The disparity in dates comes from Luke vs Matthew. Herod died in 4BC and the census wasn't until 6-7AD. The truth is, there's no evidence either way. At least one sect of first century Christians believed he was crucified under Alexander Jannaeus (100 BC). If you're confused about the calendar, people didn't start using that until the 16th century.

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    I tried figuring that out, and I'm not too good at it. So I read what learned men said about it, and they don't know. I even tried to figure out the Holy Days of the Jewish festivals, thinking that had something to do with it. But I couldn't nail those down. It's like God has a shroud of mystery around the subject. Apparently, Man cannot know, even though there should be a way to figure it out. Sorry.

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    Would your world end as you know it if you never find out the exact date Jesus was born. I certainly won't ruin my day . I figure if Jesus thought it was important enough he would have revealed it to me in the Bible or in Prayer as God as done so many times. the important things are not dates, or evolution or creation. The important things are "we are here" and we're hear to enjoy and celebrate and love and thrive and succeed, and be at peace.

    Honestly, I don't know how people can be at peace when they are nit picking at so many trivial things are irrelevant to their salvation. If you want to do something positive here, try to find out how secure is your salvation and if you are a true Christian of God. That's far more important than a silly date. We don't even know the time of year that Jesus was actually born in let alone the fact that he was born around 2000 years ago.

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    Funny how Christians still celebrate Christmas like it was Jesus' actual birth date. Christmas is a pagan holiday.

    Jesus is estimated to be born in early fall, according to the Bible.

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    When our current calendar was initiated, they thought Christ was born in 1 AD. It wasn't until much later that they realized they calculated Jesus' birth year incorrectly.

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    We do not have his exact birth date.

    We know he died on April 3, 33 A.D.

    I have watched the Movie "The Star of Bethlehem," and I have the computer program Starry Night installed on my computer. So I have seen the Bethlehem Star on my computer program by changing the location to Bethlehem, and going back in time. This tells us when the Wise Men visited Jesus, but it does not tell us how old Jesus was at the time. Speculation is that Jesus was under the age of two. So was he six months old? Three months? Eight months? We don't know.

    The Star of Bethlehem was most visible in December of 2 BC. But you could also see it in November like after 2 or 3 AM. It would rise in the east. And it was visible in October too, but it rose even later during the night.

    Based on this, it is likely the Wise Men visited Jesus around December of 2 BC. Or maybe January of 1 BC.

    --- (A Yahoo! User)

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    Ask the Vatican why Christian doesn't celebrate for Jesus birthday like Muslim celebrate their beloved Prophet birthday every year. :)

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    Math error. Never fixed. Too late now.

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