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How to stay motivated and consistent to achieve a goal?

Any tips or secrets on increasing motivation to accomplish a goal? I'm usually fairly good at doing something but I seem to constantly lack consistency. For example, I'm on the Track team at my university and I find myself improving but only when training with others. Another example, I have been trying to get better at playing the piano; I can play some songs but somehow my thirst for knowledge seems to drain after some time.. I can hardly read a whole book anymore. Maybe I'm just tired of school overall, I'm not sure.

I can't seem to find that internal drive to do things anymore as I use to when I was a child/youth.. Please help.

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    Set yourself tiny goals to achieve that one big goal. For example, if you're into piano and want to get good at a song, you could maybe practice one part of the song a day. You could just focus on the main chords.

    Reward yourself when you do achieve the goal. If it's a long-time goal, then maybe you should just stick with rewarding yourself for the tiny goals you accomplish before hitting the big goal -- if that makes sense... so like my first example with a pianist, say you got one part of the song right, you could reward yourself with a special treat. Maybe an ice cream or something, although I'd not recommend food if you're trying to achieve a sport goal/on a diet!

    Work on achieving this goal with some friends. Friends = fun. Goals = hard work. Allow your friends to motivate/help you with your goal!

    PRACTICE! Whatever it is you're doing, you have to practice to achieve a goal. So you're on the Track Team? Go for personal training every day (if you're on tight schedule, choose a time/day that you can keep up with).

    See how famous people achieved their goals. You could look up interviews online or find out how they achieved their goals. They don't have to be famous. If you know someone who has achieved a goal, you could ask them how they stayed motivated.

    Get up every morning and tell yourself; "I need to work towards accomplishing my goals." This will give you a positive start to the day, and you'll want to keep that mood. Trust me, when you start off positive, you end positive as long as you keep positive.

    If someone seems to always achieve "your" goals, don't get let down by them. Remember, you're focusing on you and your goals only.

    If you really think school is tiring you, maybe turn things down a notch. You have two ways to do this; 1. talk to your teachers about this, and ask them if you could leave a few bits of work out. You already have too much to do. Or, 2. you could get all school work out of the way first before working on your goals.

    Good luck!! xx :) <3

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