Can someone majorly help me in starting DC comics?

Okay, so basically, I recently got into DC comics. Complete newcomer. Currently just finished Rebirth. Need to know all the story arcs and the series which contain them that I should read in order to catch up and get to know most if not all the characters and have a grasp on all the references. Just mention series and titles and individual comics if there's anything in-between.

I'll be SUPER GRATEFUL. Please help another fan finally embrace the comic world. Thanks in advance

Also try and give me comics and arcs in order if there is one. And moreover, I'm not looking to read EVERY DC comic or anything as old as the 70s-80 that's become irrelevant. Just recommend whatever is RELEVANT and WORTH READING.

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    If you are talking about the DC Universe Rebirth, here are the series that will continue the plot threads that are mentioned in the Rebirth book (all books listed were released in June 2016):

    *Action Comics #957 - About the older Clark Kent's return as Superman

    *Batman #1 - About those two mysterious figures in Gotham City

    *The Flash Rebirth #1 - About The Flash investigating the changes in the timeline

    *Titans Rebirth#1 - About Wally West's return to the Titans team.

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    You should read as much of you can from the New 52. Just pick any title, and start from the first issue. I would recommend Justice League, Batman and Superman, but pick what you want.

    But since Rebirth is about reintroducing some of the Pre-New 52 elements to the DC Universe, I'd recommend reading some stuff from anywhere between 1985-2010. Some of the best Pre-New 52 stories are Superman: Birthright, Infinite Crisis and Blackest Night.

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    You can look for them at a comic book store near you.

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    Pretty much all Batmans these days(inc the movies, both Batfleck, and Christian Bale) draw from The Dark Knight Returns by Frank Miller

    Also, Batman Year One by Frank Miller.

    The Killing Joke is also a staple for Batman(Alan Moore).

    Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth.(Morrison).

    Also some broader stories: Crisis on Infinite Earths(kinda like Rebirth, only more severe), Flashpoint, The Sinestro Wars(Green Lantern).

    A personal favorite Green Arrow: The Longbow Hunters.(it's a very gritty, more realistic, but also brutal Green Arrow)

    Source(s): Batman fan.
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