A few questions from a budding witch?

I've recently been getting into witchcraft (I find it very calming and spiritually fulfilling, not to mention its been helping me get over my anxiety) and I had a few questions if anyone would be able to take the time to answer them.

1. Can I practice magik and still keep my old spiritual beliefs? I believe a lot of wiccan and pagan theology but also hold beliefs that fall on the more Luciferian side.

2. Any tips for finding where to buy dried herbs/ how to store them properly so I don't get problems with bugs? Also, any tips for safely burning incense?

3. Does anyone know good (preferably inexpensive) places to buy things for an altar? I've gotten some stuff at greenearth and a website that I believe is called Magickalkat but they can be pricey

Thank you so much!

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    Assuming you are talking about straight Witchcraft and not Wicca...

    1) As an eclectic you can adhere pieces of different spiritualities to create your own unique system, forming it to your needs. So yes, you may adhere your previous beliefs if you like. With Wicca it's different, as Wicca is a set religion with certain aspects that cannot be removed, altered or added to.

    2) You can buy online from natural health stores. You could pick your own, clean them in a vinegar solution to kill the insects, and dry them yourself, though you are limited by what grows in your area and your ability to identify plants. You could also try bulk food stores. They usually carry herbs loose and medicinally packaged. As for storage...put them into a glass jar with a tight fitting lid. That should prevent bugs. Mason jars are good for that.

    Safely burning incense depends on the kind of incense you're using. Stick incense can be burned in a holder, either horizontally or vertically, but be sure there is a "catcher" to catch the ashes as they fall. Cone and loose incense should be in a burn-safe bowl or dish. But as with all things that burn, you should have a bottle of water handy in case it gets out of hand.

    3) All of the items I use in my practice I have bought from thrift stores, dollar stores and department stores. None of my tools came from specialty stores mainly BECAUSE of their price. You can obtain tools that work just as well as tools you would buy from a specialty store, from dollar and thrift stores, they're just not as fancy or ornate (and you should be sure to cleanse them first).

    If you have any other questions, feel free to ask.

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    1. Witchcraft does not align with any particular spiritual system, it is simply a CRAFT not a belief system. Your spiritual path and your craft do not have to intermix.

    2. Do you have an herb shop near you? They would be the best help. What kind of incense? Use a good holder, make sure it is away from flammable material, and have a 'cap' available to put the cone out if needed.

    3. What 'things' do you need for the altar? Is there a metaphysical shop near you? Much that goes on an altar is everyday things, or things you should make yourself, such as your wand or athema. You can substitute things you might not have available. check out Scott Cunningham's book on Solitary Witchcraft for ideas for altars.

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    Practicing magic and having beliefs are two separate things. I just hope you never try to use your magic to hurt anyone.

    Most dried herbs can be found at the grocery store. If you need something special, I suggest Kamala Perfumes https://www.etsy.com/shop/KamalaPerfumes

    Just put them in any old glass jar with a screw-on lid. I like old salsa jars because of the size. Burn incense in an incense burner. And don't leave it alone, especially with a cat.

    I've found most of my things at my local flea market - even my sword.

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    I guess you are a teenager, you are searching for an answer. Magic does not work, herbs and insence will have no effect they just make you feel important, alters are a gimmick and spells never work. It is all meaningless and just for show. I meddled with this rubbish and it was a waste of time. Find an hobby and socialise more with your friends and ditch all this hokey pokey.

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  • 5 years ago

    What do you expect to get from this long term? Since Jesus Christ is the only means of eternal soul salvation and doesn't approve of any of this the future is extremely depressing.

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    5 years ago

    The answer to all your concerns is 'yes you can'...superstition HAS NO RULES...so you can embrace anything you are comfortable with and discard the rest..happy spell casting..

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