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Hydrogen gas can be used in weather balloons because of its low density. What volume would be occupied by 56.2 moles of hydrogen at SATP?

Write your answer rounded to one decimal place.

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  • 5 years ago
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    Gas law question.....

    Hydrogen could be used in weather balloons, but because of its flammability, helium is usually used instead.

    Balloons actually make for terrible things to illustrate the gas laws. That's because the fabric of a balloon can stretch and that requires a force. The pressure of the gas pushing out is equal to the pressure of the outside gas PLUS the force needed to stretch the balloon.

    Of course, this question is just a simple plug and chug.... Except for one hitch. There is no such quantity as SATP, often referred to as "standard atmospheric temperature and pressure." There is NO "standard" atmospheric temperature. It could be 20C or 25C or whatever the atmosphere happens to be. There is only one STANDARD temperature and that is 0C or 273.15K.

    PV = nRT

    V = nRT / P

    V = 56.2 mol x 0.08206 Latm/molK x 298K / 1.00 atm

    V = 1370 L ........... expressed to three significant digits

    The answer written to one decimal place CANNOT be justified. 56.2 mol is expressed to only three significant digits. Therefore, the answer cannot be expressed to any more than three significant digits, which means that it must be rounded to 1370 L instead of 1374.3 L which has five significant digits.

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