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First dance class tips?

Last year I moved to a different city and after only doing jazz back home, I decided to do jazz and ballet at a new studio. Jazz was too intimidating with all the people that were there way better than and me and them knowing the moves while I didn't made me quit, while in ballet I got placed in a younger class after asking. This year I'm doing modern, contemporary, jazz, ballet, lyrical, tap and musical theatre. I love dancing, but in a room full of people that have been dancing since they were 3 I feel like I suck. My teacher never really helps me when in class and I can't predict what moves to learn. People tell me not to worry, but how can I?! Help!

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    Just relax and breathe. You should tell your teacher that you are new and need some extra help. When you tell her don't be embarrassed, in fact, speak confidently. It'll show that you're confident in what you're saying and doing. If you really do love dancing, you shouldn't hesitate to ask questions as you want to be the best you can be. I hope this helped :)

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    You really shouldn't be taking all these genres. It is good they didn't put you in ballet by age. You hadn't taken ballet and if you want to be good at dance you need to take ballet and lots of if. That is where all your dance technique comes from. By taking so many classes, especially without having strong ballet technique you are just creating muscle confusion and instead of getting better it slows you down.

    If you are not getting corrections that is not good. It means the teacher isn't interested in you. That could be because you lack basic technique due to a lack of ballet training. . If you confront a teacher to complain that is like telling her that they dont know how to teach. Teachers will work with the kids that show the most promise and ignore the others. That is how it is in dance. If I were you I would try to take tons of ballet classes and drop the rest. If you did that your skills will sky rocket. Then when you add other genre later on you will be so much better at them.

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