Can i get a perimenopause if my menopause test came up negative ?


My period skipped once on May 2015 than after that it came down normal every 25 days. It skipped again on January 2016 this than it came down on March, April than skip again on May. It came down on |June 5th than now it is 38 days late. I went to the doctor and the gynecologist to get a menopause test than they told me the results is negative and normal.

Update 2:

But i am still confuse about that because i don't get a hot flashes, no vaginal dryness which i keep on getting a heavy white discharge every day and i always crave a lot.

I also have a severe depression with a sleep disorders and have nodules on my thyroid gland.

Update 3:

I also have a severe stress everyday from my landlord that is not very nice and i am single at age 46 never have any sex.

Is it perimenopause either if my menopause test is negative ? or is it from too much stress with a depression with insomnia ?

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  • Paula
    Lv 7
    4 years ago

    There is no simple "menopause test" like there is for (e.g.) pregnancy. It tests for symptoms, not menopause itself. (See the FDA link below)

    It sounds to me like you're in perimenopause, simply from the occasional missed periods.

    I'm just over 50 and I'm definitely starting menopause (missing periods, hot flushes), but I'm not getting vaginal dryness.

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